De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek


De Brauw: widely recognised as the leading international law firm in the Netherlands.
Our global approach; our long-term commitment to our clients; and our embrace of
our role in society, makes De Brauw a uniquely special collective.
While nourishing deep roots in Dutch society, our clients and our legal advice are
truly international. From our headquarters in Amsterdam, we act as clients' lead
strategic and trusted adviser, delivering global support through our:

• offices in London, Brussels, Shanghai and Singapore;
• network of Best Friends' firms; and
• long-standing relationships with top-tier law firms abroad.

Our independence ensures our autonomy to choose, and to collaborate with, only
the very best.

Does that include you?

Twice a year, every year, we actively recruit bright and diverse legal talent to join our
unique legal training institute. Here, in De Brauwerij (for Dutch lawyers) and The
Brewery (for our international associates), the continuous development of our
lawyers, tax advisers and notaries not only begins, but is inextricably coupled with
their personal growth, so that they emerge as the next generation of top-tier legal

Our unique approach requires high levels of creativity, business integrity, diversity of
thinking and a collaborative mindset to guarantee our standards in the way that we
represent our clients. Our senior leadership traditionally comes from within our own
ranks, trained by the generations before them in how we work. This is something we
value highly and is uniquely De Brauw.

Fancy being a life-long student?

With a continual growth mindset and an ambition to learn, De Brauw will provide you
with a career-long challenge and an opportunity like no other. Not just in the
Netherlands, but we have secondment possibilities to our offices (and/or those of
our Best Friends' firms) abroad, or you may even wish to explore working with one
of our clients, in-house for a while.

When you begin your journey with De Brauw (as an associate in either De Brauwerij
or The Brewery), you will receive a fixed 3.5-year contract, and have the opportunity
to be promoted to a senior associate at the end of that time. You will take part in an
intensive training programme, handle your own matters, and be able to learn
and practice all of the skills (both legal and interpersonal) that you need to thrive. No
matter what your ambition is, we promise you this: there is no better launch pad, and
we will be with you, supporting and cheering you on, every step of the way.

Can you picture yourself at De Brauw?

Well, why don’t you come and see for yourself. You may well be surprised.

If you are in your final year of your Bachelor or master's degree in law, Tax or
Notarial Law, you may apply for a place on our annual business course. You will
work on one of our pro bono matters and experience first hand what it is like to have
the opportunity to make a social contribution as a future lawyer, as well as
enjoy many fun and social activities. Student traineeships and law assistant
opportunities are also an excellent way to dip your toe in the water, to get to know
us and the type of work that we do. With unique opportunities in every practice area,
you will be able to learn, have fun, and make invaluable contacts. And, who knows,
you may find out that you are hungry for more.

Curious to find out how to invest your potential?

Then, we would love to meet you. Reach out to one of our specialist campus
Recruiters (Sophia Schumacher, Loetje Sala and Warda Zeamari). You can find
more information on our website, and discover when we will be attending a careers
fair or conference near you.